Incredible Health Benefits of Yoga in Hindi


Yoga boosts brain power. It Hydrates Your Spine and soothes your skin. It Regulates Body Clock. जानिये योग के अविश्वसनीय फायदे

Health Benefits of Yoga in Hindi
योग के अविश्वसनीय लाभ जानकार आप दंग रह जायेंगे

Yoga Regulates Body Clock –

While it’s controversial as to whether twisting yoga asanas actually ‘detox’ the body, it’s fair to say that a yoga practice definitely helps to clear toxins from the body. Getting things moving inside and outside helps shift any lurking toxins and rids the body of them quicker. Being aware and mindful of your thoughts too, can help to ‘detox’ the mind of any ‘toxic’ thoughts

Naturally, humans would rise with the sun and sleep when it’s dark. Since the invention of electricity and the light bulb however, we’ve been able to hack night time, which means getting up when the sun rises doesn’t always sound like the most welcome way to start the day.

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