Facts about Hepatitis in Hindi


हेपेटाइटिस यकृत के उतकों में होने वाली सूजन है जो मुख्य रूप से वायरस और शराब पीने से होता है यह पाँच प्रकार का होता है – हेपेटाइटिस A, B, C, D और E इनमे हेपेटाइटिस बी और सी अधिक खतरनाक है पूरी दुनिया में हेपेटाइटिस से 50 करोड़ से भी अधिक लोग पीड़ित हैं

Top Facts about Hepatitis in Hindi
हेपेटाइटिस में आराम करने से जल्दी लाभ होता है

Hepatitis has a broad spectrum of presentations that range from a complete lack of symptoms to severe liver failure. The acute form of hepatitis, generally caused by viral infection, is characterized by constitutional symptoms that are typically self-limiting.

Acute cases of hepatitis are seen to be resolved well within a six-month period. When hepatitis is continued for more than six months it is termed chronic hepatitis. Chronic hepatitis is often asymptomatic early in its course and is detected only by liver laboratory studies for screening purposes or to evaluate non-specific symptoms.

As the inflammation progresses, patients can develop constitutional symptoms similar to acute hepatitis, including fatigue, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, and joint pain


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